Dog With Two Noses Was Facing Euthanasia Until He Found A Family Who Loves Him Just The Way He Is

Dog rescuers will often say “Every dog needs a home and every home needs a dog.” Sometimes, that’s harder said than done, especially if a dog has an unusual appearance. That was the case with Toby, an Australian shepherd with two noses!

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The double-nosed dog was found wandering the streets in Fresno, California as a stray and taken to a shelter. His unusual physical appearance fast-tracked him for euthanasia, until his picture caught the eye of Todd Ray, a man who fully embraces oddities.

The owner of the Venice Beach Freakshow is fascinated by “weird animals” and thinks their differences are beautiful. His family already includes Pinky, a two-legged chihuahua, and Rocky, a five-legged miniature Doberman pinscher. So when he found out Toby was to be put down, he rescued him.

Toby has a sweet and playful temperament, and as you would expect, a keen sense of smell. Todd told the Huffington Post that he initially was concerned that Toby’s twin snouts might pose health problems, as there is a hole inside his mouth linked to the nasal area. However, a vet did a thorough examination and said that Toby is perfectly healthy.

It seems that Toby has found the perfect family, who will accept him just the way he is!