Dog Who Slept On Concrete Floor For 8 Years Finally Has All The Beds She Deserves

For eight long years Lola was chained inside a garage, forced to sleep on a concrete floor and with very little interaction with the outside world. She was finally rescued from her cruel life by a kind woman who contacted AMA Animal Rescue.

How Lola was found and rescued.

They came and convinced Lola’s owner to free her and the video of Lola finally being freed went viral, in no small part because of her heartwarming reaction.

Rescuers were amazed by Lola’s happy demeanor – she immediately was wagging her tail and excited to make friends with whomever she met.

She went to the veterinarian and had a few tumors removed before moving onto foster care before being quickly adopted by Charlène von Saher, who lives in Manhattan.

Lola quickly settled in to her new life, and especially loves finding new and comfortable places to relax.

Lola has quickly realized the allure of the cushion over concrete.

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“She figured out where her little beds were, and what was soft and what was comfortable for her,” von Saher told The Dodo.

She also has figured out how to make her beds more comfortable, even if that means appropriating those of her family.

She’ll sleep on the sofa.

In von Saher’s bed.

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This bed is the best!

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“She actually took a throw pillow off of my bed, and put it into her dog bed,” von Saher said. “When I came home, her head was on it — she literally made herself a little bed in her bed with my pillow. It was like ‘The Princess and the Pea’ — I guess she liked having multiple cushions underneath her.”

The outdoor deck chairs.

Her canine siblings’ bed. She’ll also put one dog bed on top of the other.

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Seriously? Go get your own bed. #amaanimalrescue

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“I was out for a minute, and when I came back, Lola had moved the smaller bed on top of the other bed and put herself on top of it,” von Saher said. “It was hysterical. I couldn’t believe it when I came in.”

Lola deserves all the comfort in the world, and von Saher thinks so too. For one thing, Lola has taught her to take a minute to relax.

“I absolutely adore her,” von Saher says. “She’s added so much to my life already.”