Dog Who Didn’t Have Long To Live Surprises Everyone When He Pulls Through

On a day Tornado warnings were issued in her part of Texas, Carol received a call about a dog who had been hit by a truck. The dog had dragged himself off the road and under a car and was barking for help.

A neighbor called Carol and she went out to see if she could help the injured dog. She will never forget the look on his face. He was so scared, and so hurt.

At the vet, X-rays revealed that Jasper had a severely fractured pelvis. The vet recommended euthanasia, but when Carol asked Jasper what he wanted to do, she just felt he wanted to fight.

Jasper had surgery, but after a month in hospital it didn’t look like he was getting better. That’s when Carol decided to bring Jasper home, intent on spoiling him in his final days. “Well,” she reasoned, “I don’t want him to go without having a few good days.”

But the following morning Jasper would surprise her. She took him outside and a miracle happened! Watch the video below to see Jasper’s inspirational story!

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