Everyone Is Debating How Dogs Should Wear Pants

A hilarious debate kicked off 2016, and it all started with a picture of a dog wearing pants two different ways. The picture asks, “If a dog wore pants would he wear them like this or like this?”

When Maxim editor Jared Keller shared a picture from social media, the debate was on.

One commentor voiced why people are debating so furiously about it: “VERY CONFLICTED. if the objective is to cover the butt, the second way. But if we’re keeping in mind that a dog is a four legged creature and NOT built like a human, why do we assume it would wear pants like we wear pants?”

Another commentor concurred. “Well pants are a human invention so if they were to wear them like humans it would be like the ones on the right. However, if dogs invented dog pants it would be like the ones on the left, leaving the asshole freely available for greetings and ice breakers.”

The flurry of responses brought all kinds of humor and evidence for why dogs would wear one style over the other.

Some opted for an “all inclusive approach. Alanna Bennet tweeted, “…let’s just go all out friends. Let’s not just cover the butthole. Let’s cover everything.”

While others offered up suggestions for design improvements.

What do you think of this hilarious debate? If you had to choose, which pant style would you pick?

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