Sweet Dog Wants To Bring Cow Friend Inside To Play

A family’s dog decided to bring over a new friend to play. It’s just that the new friend is a young cow!

The cute video begins with the pet parent opening her door to let her dog back inside only to discover the dog has a new cow friend with him!

The dog approaches the door with his tail happily wagging. The cow follows after the canine only for both to be halted in their steps by mom’s protestations. “No, No, No… we don’t have guests, we are not doing this today,” she says.

Her dog looks a bit confused, like he doesn’t seem to understand what the problem is, which makes this adorable clip even funnier.

We’re guessing from mom’s response that they are “not doing this today” means that her dog regularly brings by new friends that he wants to have come inside to play.

Viewers are enchanted by the short clip, imagining what her dog is trying to tell her. “Mom I found a new dog. Her bark is a bit weird but other than that she’s cool,” wrote one.

Another person tweeted, “Mom, can she sleepover tonight?” “I will clean my room tomorrow!” “Pleeeeease??”

It’s too bad the clip is cut short so we don’t see what mom, dog and cow do next. But we’re guessing the calf will return to the field with the other farm animals (which can be seen in the background) and the dog will try again another day to see if mom will let his friend come by for play time.

This sweet dog reminds us of another dog who likes to hang out with his farm animal friends. In the cute video the dog runs outside with a carrot to give to his horse friend.

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