Cute Dog Curious About The Coconut Crab In Her Yard

When Eve the dog discovered a coconut crab in the backyard she’s intrigued by the unusual visitor to say the least!

Coconut crabs are native to Guam where Eve and her human, David, live. The land-based crabs like to eat coconuts, as their name suggests, and they can grow to up to 3 feet (1 meter) in length from leg to leg!

This small one was in their backyard for several weeks before this video was taken and David says he and Eve watched it together. “I had plenty of time to observed this particular crab’s behavior,” he writes in the YouTube video’s description. “So I know for a fact that my dog is not in any danger, and so is the crab.”

Eve is so curious (but cautious) around it. Maybe it’s because her early life as a stray made her more fearless. David found her dirty and full of fleas and rescued her and says, “She cleaned up pretty good and really is adorable.”

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