Security Camera Captures Dog Taking Golf Cart For A Joy Ride

When Mallory Kmet and her husband came home and found someone had taken their golf cart for a joy ride, they weren’t suspecting their elderly dog to be the culprit! But that’s what their security cameras revealed!

It turns out Titan the Mastiff had been banned from his regular resting place – his cushion on the deck – because he had an encounter with a skunk that morning and smelled. So when it started to rain the 10-year-old dog thought he’d seek some shelter in the golf cart. That’s when Titan accidentally pushed the gas and the cart drove in a loop and smashed into their truck!

Titan gets out to inspect the damage on the truck before sauntering off.

Thankfully the Mastiff suffered no injury and was okay. And Kmet’s husband was able to repair the minor damage caused to the truck.

Kmet told CTV News that they use the golf cart to move firewood on their property in Manitoba, Canada, and Titan loves to tag along. But it seems they didn’t turn the cart off properly the last time it was used, hence Titan’s accidental joy ride.

Titan wasn’t spooked at all by the incident and still is eager to go for golf cart rides because, as Kmet told the Canadian broadcaster, it’s “one of his favorite things to do.”

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