Dog Finally Learns To Swim After 9 Years Of Visiting Doggie Daycare Pool

Buddy the Golden Retriever is about to show why you’re never too old to learn something new! After nearly 10 years of attending the Lucky Puppy Daycare Centre, Buddy finally took his first swim in the pool!

Following some encouragement from carer Kristina, the nine-year-old Golden Retriever was slow to start but soon found his way in the water.

The daycare says that despite his self-doubt, Buddy has become a confident swimmer, fetching toys and swimming lengths of the daycare pool.

Check out Buddy’s first doggie paddles in the video below!

And not only that a day after his 9th birthday, he learned how to dive! “He started when I jumped in and he jumped in right next to me,” says one of the daycare workers on YouTube. “It was extremely unexpected! So I couldn’t let that one go. We worked all afternoon on it together and he is a swimming and diving machine!”

Way to go, Buddy! He proves it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

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