Dog Stops ‘Tornado’ In Its Tracks

While out on a walk with his family, this dog took on Nature and won by stopping a tornado from forming.

Actually, the swirl of sand is likely just a dust devil not a full-on tornado, but either way the curious dog manages to dissipate the sand storm. The dog is so curious about the natural phenomenon that he bounces right over to give it a sniff. After running right into the middle of it, the dust devil disappears only to pop up in another spot. The cute dog pounces on it again.

With this fearless, furry protector around, this family never has to worry. Millions of other viewers think so too – the video has garnered over 39 million views. Many viewers cheered on the dog and dogs in general. While others envisioned many-a-conversation between humans and dog.

Some of the imagined conversations:

“Be careful of that tornado you could be in danger.”
Dog: “I am the danger.”

Another viewer commented:

“Some bad weather incoming.”
“Release the hounds.”

And another person wrote:

Tornado: “I will destroy everything!”
Dog: “Time to show you what happens when my species is spelled backwards!”

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