Cocker Spaniel Stolen 8 Years Ago Reunites With Emotional Family

A family is counting their blessings upon the return of their beloved dog who was stolen eight years ago. Cassie the Cocker Spaniel was stolen right from the front garden of her home. But thanks to the Sussex Police Rural Crime Team in Britain, Cassie has returned to her family. Police were lead to Cassie following a tip from a member of the public.

What the family wasn’t expecting was that Cassie would be bringing along her three puppies!

A spokesperson for the family said: “We are so thankful to have our Cassie back home, after 8 years since being separated from her. Cassie has settled in very well and is enjoying her daily dog walks.”

“It’s a priceless Christmas present to us as a family and we want this to bring hope to others who have had their dog lost or stolen. Finally, we would like to thank the Police and everyone involved in helping us retain Cassie and her puppies back to us.”

“As for the three puppies, they have all gone to good homes and are loving their new set family life.”

Sussex Police filmed the tearful reunion on video.

The Sussex Police wrote on their website that with the pandemic there has been an increased demand for puppies and advised pet owners to ensure their pets are microchipped along with their most current data.

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