Woman Dog Sleds With Border Collies To Tim Horton’s Drive-Thru

When Canadian Alyson Mitton got a craving for donuts, she headed to her local Tim Horton’s drive-thru in Nova Scotia in a typically Canadian fashion. She hooked up her two Border Collies to a sled and headed out!

As it turns out the winter snow storm hitting the East Coast province made it perfect conditions to go sledding. Mitton said the roads were virtually empty of traffic. Mitton, who is a dog trainer, has an extra light-weight “kicksleigh” for her dogs, making it easier for them to pull her, and she can help out by kicking from the back too.

Apparently, it’s a time-honored tradition for East Coast Canadians to make a “Tim’s run” in bad weather, but it’s usually by car.

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