Dog Sniffs Out Another Dog Buried Alive In Italy Earthquake

After a powerful earthquake rocked Italy this past weekend, emergency rescuers set to work to find survivors amongst the rubble.

Crews in the village of Norcia were being assisted in their search by their sniffer dog, who quickly alerted them to something was underneath the rubble. As soon as they began to dig, a black paw emerged and wiggled – it was a dog!

They quickly dug him free and their dramatic rescue was caught on video. Miraculously, the dog appears to have no sign of serious injury and was able to stand on all fours once freed. He’s being called the “miracle dog” by local media and nicknamed “Ulysses” and is currently in the care of ENPA, Italy’s national animal protection agency. Hopes are Ulysses will be reunited with his family.

Luckily, there have been no deaths reported in the village, but rescue workers continue to search the rubble of homes in the area.

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