Dog Rescues Cat Zipped Up In Plastic Cooler In Sweltering Heat

The temperature outside was 107 degrees Fahrenheit (41.6 C) when Koda the dog sniffed out something unusual on her morning walk with her mom in Fountain Hills, Arizona over the weekend. The pair were passing by Fearless Kitty Rescue when Koda lead her to a red cooler sticking outside a black garbage back that was sitting on the donations bench for the animal rescue.

Koda wouldn’t stop sniffing the bag, so Koda’s guardian zipped open the cooler and was shocked to see a pair of yellow eyes staring back at her. A black cat, thankfully alive, was inside!

Fearless Kitty Rescue figures that the poor cat was in this terrible predicament for several hours before her doggie rescuer came along.

They wrote on Facebook:

“At approximately 5:45am on Saturday, June 26th [2021], a dog sniffed her out! Koda…was on her morning walk with her mom. Koda immediately sensed there was something in the wrapped-up and abandoned cooler and ran over. Through a series of events and very caring people, this kitty was saved.”

They named the cat Juliane, a name they said means “Fearless” in Danish.

The cat has been checked over by El Dorado Animal Hospital and Julianne does have a small mass on her tail that will need medical attention.

“Despite her circumstances, Juliane is a sweetheart, and loves to purr and receive pets,” they wrote. “FKR is actively working with law enforcement regarding this incident.”

The rescue plans on taking good care of Juliane and will put the cat up for adoption in a few weeks. Juliane is going into foster care with one of FKR’s long-time foster caregivers so that she can decompress from her ordeal and be in a home, which will be a lot less scary for her.

And they are definitely relieved that Koda and her mom had that early morning walk and came along when they did.

“We can’t thank Koda, her mom, and all of Juliane’s heroes enough for coming to her rescue,” FKR said on Facebook. “Who knows how long she had been abandoned and how much longer she could have survived if not found by Koda.”

They added, “The lives of animals are so precious, and we all can band together to save them. Much like Juliane’s story, ‘it takes a village.'”

To donate to help with Juliane’s care and the care of other rescued cats in Fearless Kitty Rescue’s care, visit their website here.

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