Neglected Dog Rescued After 10 Years On A Chain

What this dog endured had me in tears. Judith spent 10 years on the end of a chain. She had no blanket, toy or bone. She often had no food or water. Neighbors said they had witnessed the dog’s owners urinating on her and that they had phoned the local SPCA many times over many years, but nothing was done to help her.

Finally, a distraught neighbor contacted Animal Advocates Society of British Columbia (AAS). When the rescue group first saw this abused and neglected dog it was at night. She was lying in the frozen mud covered in her own feces, and being blanketed by snow.

AAS described what they did next:

“We went straight to her; documented her misery and then rescued her out of her indignity and loneliness.

“When we got her she was emaciated, dehydrated, and barely able to walk because of painful hips. Her coat was weighed down by clumps of caked mud. Her owners had named her ‘Judas’. We changed her name to Judith.

“We found her a home with two very special people, who loved her dearly, and made her a member of their family, which is what every dog wants more than anything — more than food, water, and shelter. And when her old hips gave out, her family got her a cart and took her everywhere. She went camping, and to the lake, and chased squirrels in her cart. And when she died of old age, after eighteen months, she took with her all her memories of pure love, and warmth, and good food, and fun. And the time before didn’t count at all.”

 Watch to the end, to see Judith get her happy ending! Judith’s story deserves to be shared. Please share this video with your friends!

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