Dog Pulls Bed Out to the Pond Only To Have Her Success Hilariously Thwarted

She (he?) was full of a sense of purpose, focus and determination. She will go far in life !! But Life had other plans.

Oona the English Cocker Spaniel is on a mission and is determined to get her doggie bed outside so she can relax in comfort beside her favorite spot in the yard – the pond.

And when Oona puts her mind to a problem, it gets solved! But unfortunately, she can’t control the weather.

Her humans, who lives in Melle, Belgium, applauded their dog’s success and wrote that the one-year-old dog “really wanted to have her pillow (we call it her donut) outside. It took a lot of effort, but she succeeded!”

Oona’s success was short-lived as her humans explained: “However, after 5 minutes she was very disappointed because her pillow was carried into the pond by the wind.”

Oh, Oona. The look on her face when she sees all her effort thwarted by high winds. Such is life. Her parents will no doubt wash her “pillow” or maybe buy her a water-proof one for outside.

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