Dog Photographer of the Year Winners Spectacularly Highlight Our Special Bond With Dogs

‘A Veterans Best Friend’. Delta, White Swiss Shepherd

3rd place assistance dogs. Craig Turner-Bullock, New Zealand

‘Snowy Shenanigans’. Daffy, Taz, and Wile E. (left to right); Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

3rd place dogs at play. Sarah Beeson, US

‘I’ve got your back’/ Nyx, German Shepherd Dog (trainee police dog)

3rd place dogs at work, serving dog police trainer, works for police charity. Ian Squire, UK

‘Hide and Seek’. Big City Borders Lad, Border Collie

3rd Place I Love dogs because (ages 12 to 17). Kirsten van Ravenhorst, Netherlands

‘Resting’ Dog: Bentley, German Shorthaired Pointer

3rd place Oldies. Philip Wright, UK

‘A Winters Storm’. Hugo, Pomeranian

3rd place Portrait. Michael Sweeney, UK

‘Let’s call it Roly Poly Puppy’. Snickers, cross breed puppy photographed for Doodle Rock Rescue.

3rd place Puppies. Robyn Pope, US

‘Over the sea of fog’. Dania, Cross breed Portuguese Podengo, rescue dog

3rd place rescue dog. Christina Roemmelt, Austria

‘Monty’. Monty, German Shorthaired Pointer

3rd Place Young Pup. Maisie Mitford, UK, 11 years old.

Judge’s Special Mentions

‘Black Velvet’. Widgets Bonnie Lass aka Bonnie, English Working Cocker Spaniel

Judges Mentions Dogs at Play. Alice Loder, UK

‘Sand Monster!’. Ted, Miniature Poodle

Judges Mentions Dogs at Play. Darren Hall, UK

‘Water Work’. Thoven, Golden Retriever

Judges Mentions Dogs at Play. Leslie Plesser, US

‘Instant friendship’. Alaskan or Siberian Husky

Judges Mentions Man’s Best Friend. Bendik Almås, Norway

‘My Best Friends’. Lola & Fred, Scottish Terrier, mother and son

Judges Mentions Man’s Best Friend. Inés Tafalla, Spain

‘Small lady in the cloud of ginger hair’. Smilain Ami Dez Rouzez, Yorkshire Terrier

Judges Mentions Portrait. Viktoria Baranova, Estonia

‘Tatti’s Head Tilt’. Tatti, English Cocker Spaniel

‘Tatti’s Head Tilt’. Tatti, English Cocker Spaniel

‘Focused’. Tissaia, Border Collie

Judges Mentions Puppy. Alicia Zymslowska, Poland

‘Deeper Love’. Raffi, Spanish Pointer

Judges Mentions Rescue. Jarmila Eckardt, Germany

‘Reflective Day’. Maisie, Lab collie cross

Judges Mentions Young Pup. Euan Shannon, UK

The Kennel Club is the largest organization in the UK devoted to dog health, welfare and training. Its objective is to ensure that dogs live healthy, happy lives with responsible owners.

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