Jindo Dog Missing for 15 Days Found on Snowy Mountain Top

A couple are calling it a ‘Christmas miracle.’ After two weeks of searching for their beloved rescue dog, Luna, the dog has been found miles away from home on top of a snowy mountain!

Luna went missing on November 29, 2021 near her home in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Her owner, Bianca Camacho, says the ran away after she accidentally dropped Luna’s leash during a walk in one of the city’s parks.

Camacho and her partner, Kyle Silva, immediately searched the neighborhood and online for Luna. They hired pet searchers and the local community pitched in to help with search efforts.

Luna is a three-year-old rescued Jindo dog from South Korea and has been with Camacho and Silva for five months prior to getting lost. The dog is shy and skittish and still adjusting to life in Canada.

Weather in the area was turning to winter temperatures which added to their worry.

“Not having her here at home and not knowing where she was — that was probably one of the most difficult things we ever had to endure in our lives,” Camacho told Castanet.

But somehow Luna survived, and not only that, she somehow got up to the top of Grouse Mountain, a popular ski mountain roughly 8 kilometres away. Luckily for Luna, a staff member spotted paw prints in the snow and found her hiding under a chairlift on December 14, 2021.

Grouse Mountain

Kevin Smith, Grouse mountain’s operations manager recognized Luna from a photo on social media. With the assistance of Gordon McNaughton, they were able to lure her out with a samosa. McNaughton draped his sweater over Luna to warm her up and they used a snow cat to drive her to a nearby cabin where she could be secured in a travel kennel to ride down the gondola that goes to the base of the mountain.

When Camacho received a message from the mountain staff she began to shake and cry with happiness. She and Silva immediately headed over to Grouse mountain and soon as she and Silva saw Luna get off the gondola they broke into tears.

“We cried our eyes out,” she told Castanet. “It was truly a Christmas miracle.”

Luna is in relatively good health, all things considered. She’s got a few broken nails and obviously lost weight during her long ordeal. But she’s eating now and taking a well deserved rest.

“She’s already relaxing on her little bed by the fireplace, and she is extremely exhausted,” Camacho told City News. “We are going to spend every single moment we can with her. Honestly, just spoil her with love.”

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