Dog Lost For 10 Months Spots His Family Through Window, Happy Tears Follow

Conway the Pit Bull had disappeared from home for nearly a year but his heartbroken family was about to get a huge surprise. Ten months after the dog had vanished, the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office’s animal services unit spotted a “skinny and exhausted” stray dog on a street.

lost dog reunites with family in florida

Highlands County Sheriff’s Office

Highland County Sheriff’s Office shared on Facebook:

“This is Conway. He went missing in Hardee County on Nov. 11, 2021. Exactly 10 months later, he was found walking on a street in Sebring and brought to Animal Services.”

They added, “He was skinny and exhausted and looked almost nothing like the healthy, happy dog he was when he went missing.”

“But he had a microchip,” they continued. “And because of that chip, we were able to make this happen.” They also humorously cautioned people, “We are not responsible for any tears shed while watching this video.”

The moment Conway spots his family through the window and they see him is absolutely tear-jerking but in the best way.

One viewer commented, “That just made my eyes leak all down my face …”

lost dog reunites with family

Highlands County Sheriff’s Office

Another said, “I love when he first sees and hears them through the window!”

“I cried watching this video,” one commenter wrote.

When Conway got lost his beloved family looked everywhere for him. Thankfully, they took the precaution to get him microchipped. If they hadn’t, this heartwarming reunion would not have happened.

lost dog reunites with family in florida

Highlands County Sheriff’s Office

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