Dog Fakes Limping Out Of Sympathy For Injured Owner

Video of a sweet dog caught imitating his injured dad’s limp out of sympathy has gone viral after his owners shared the heartwarming and funny story behind it.

After breaking his ankle in an accident last year, Russell Jones noticed his 8-year-old Lurcher named Billy started limping the next day.

Russell was concerned Billy had coincidentally injured his paw and believing his dog was hurt he brought him to the vet. He told the UK This Morning show that after £300 in bills for X-Rays and an examination, the vet could find nothing wrong with Billy’s leg. In the interview, Russell points out that he noted Billy was not limping when he went into the vet’s office, but began limping when he came out. It was peculiar, but it wasn’t so clear as to what was going on.

However, Russell’s wife, Michelle, grew suspicious when Billy dashed around in the yard in typical Lurcher fashion when Russell wasn’t around! It turns out Billy was faking his injury all along.

Michelle and Russell admit Billy is a “caring dog” who sticks to Russell like “glue”. And since Russell’s ankle has healed, Billy is back to his active self.

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