Dog Learns Funny Life Lesson That Not Everything Is What It Seems

Digby the dog is out for a walk in Centennial Park with his dad when he learns a big lesson about how appearances can be deceiving. The naughty dog bolts after some ducks swimming in a pond. But Digby thinks he’s about to chase them over grass…Oops!

Poor Digby! His dad tried to warn him. But as his dad says we’re guessing he’s learned his lesson for the future.

In a follow-up video Digby, drenched from his unexpected dunking, sniffs around the edge of the water suspiciously but doesn’t make any attempt to chase the birds again!

Please note: Digby was unharmed from his dip in the water despite there being a lot of algae on the surface of the water. But please be cautious letting your dog swim in lakes covered with algae as there can be toxic blue-green algae blooms in warmer months that can harm your dog.

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