Dog Hospice Program Gives Terminally Ill Shelter Dogs Loving Homes Before Crossing Rainbow Bridge

Many terminally-ill people are given extra support and care in their final years or months to make them feel as comfortable as possible before they die.

Recognizing that many shelter dogs deserve the same consideration, Foster Dogs NYC provides a program they call “Fospice” (foster/hospice). The program takes elderly and terminally ill dogs out of the shelter system and provides them with a loving foster home where are they are cared for, for however much time they have remaining.

Brasky, founder of both Foster Dogs NYC and The Dog Matchmaker explained the program to Good News Network saying:

“Too many old and sick dogs die in shelters. Sometimes shelters receive animals that are not medically healthy enough for adoption, but they still have the right to live out their golden years in loving homes and with proper medical treatment.”

“While I would not want any animal to be stuck in a shelter, it can be particularly difficult for seniors who miss their lifelong families, and need quiet and comfort during their final years/months.”

Foster Dogs NYC looks for a foster home and sponsor for the dog to cover all their basic needs for however long they have left before they cross the Rainbow Bridge.


Daisy the elderbull. Photo credit: Foster Dogs NYC

The dogs rescued often have had very hard lives. The Fospice program began in July 2013 with “Daisy the elderbull” who was used as a breeding dog in dog fighting. She has survived much longer than predicted and is still happily living with her family.

Another dog, a 13-year-old Pit Bull named Biscuit had tumors covering his body. Vets gave him just 3 weeks to live, which he spent in a loving home.


Biscuit: Photo credit: Foster Dog NYC

The Fospice program currently helps 5 dogs a year and they pitch in to help other rescues when they can. Foster Dogs NYC encourages rescue groups to contact them if they are rescuing a senior dog with not much time remaining to see if they can help.

What a wonderful, thoughtful program! I really hope programs like this spread to other cities!

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