Family’s Dog Gives Birth To Puppies In Truck While Stuck In Traffic Jam

A family’s Labor Day drive home from holiday turned into a real day of labor for their pregnant dog! Rachel Brennan and her family were driving home after a camping trip over the Labor Day long weekend in British Columbia, Canada when they got stuck in traffic on the highway.

With them was their pregnant 2-year-old German Shepherd Dog, Reen, who was not expected to deliver her puppies until several days after they were expected to return home. But Brennan told CTV News that Reen began to act a bit strange at the campsite as they began to prepare to drive home.

“She kept running into the tent, which was very unusual for her, so I put her in the backseat of my truck,” Brennan told CTV News.

An hour into their drive home Reen began to have contractions so she pulled over. Within 10 minutes a puppy was born. With the help of her family, Brennan made Reen more comfortable and she joined her in the back seat.

The traffic on their highway route home wasn’t just backed up a little bit, it was backed up for hours. The trip home took 10 hours in total, five more hours than normal. Throughout the journey Reen kept giving birth.

Brennan shared a TikTok video of Reen in the back of her truck.

@rachelbrennan0 @ctvnews helping my dog birth 9 puppies in the back seat is just a different experience for sure😅 #birthingstory #coquihalla #coquihallahighway #coquihallahwy #ctvnews #ctv #newschannel ♬ Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts

“It wasn’t the best experience – traffic never is. It smelled horrible, I can’t even sugar coat it,” Brennan said. But she added that although the experience wasn’t ideal “it was a really cool experience at the same time.”

Brennan had been told to expect Reen to give birth to nine puppies and by the end of their car ride she had given birth to nine. The next morning she found another one so Reen had a total of 10 puppies in all. All the puppies are in good health.

Brennan shared a follow-up video showing off all of the pups!

@rachelbrennan0 Replying to @amandapaladino25 the update you guys are looking for😍😍 all pups are doing well. #coquihallapups #coquihallahighway #coquihalladelivery #newpuppycheck ♬ Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

Mama and pups are now comfortably at home. The puppies haven’t been given names yet, but one of the viewers of her TikTok videos suggested they be named after highways.

@rachelbrennan0 At least she’s always aware of where her pups are😂 #coquihallahwy #coquihalladelivery #coquihallapuppies ##newbabe❤️ #puppytiktok #puppylove ♬ Dutton Ranch Freestyle – David Morris

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