Smart Dog Receives Delivery Package When Home Alone

A German Shepherd at home alone did the most amazing thing when he heard the courier at the door. Surveillance cameras are rolling and we see the dog lying on the floor of the living room. He hears a knock on the door, he gets up and heads over to the door.

Incredibly, the dog opens the door, takes the package and brings it in. When the courier looks into the apartment the dog barks to warn him not to enter and closes the door.

Now, some viewers suspect that the courier is, in fact, the dog’s owner, and the dog was barking at him, waiting for the next command. One viewer on reddit writes, “Cute video but the delivery guy is the dog owner. We can hear the bark clear as day but not a peep from the package guy?” Another joked, “It’s obviously a person in a dog costume these people will believe anything.” But these cynical viewers are incorrect. The dog really is that smart.

The dog’s name in Nuomi and he does many clever, helpful things for his family. Nuomi has appeared on the South China Morning Post and in their video, there’s an interview with the actual courier. The courier says of his encounter with the canine customer, “I was so scared that I didn’t even have time to take the receipt”.

Nuomi’s owner later took him to visit the courier to give him some snacks and to show him how gentle Nuomi is! You can see Nuomi’s courier pick up in the video below along with more wonderful clips of Nuomi in action. Watch and learn more about this wonderful family dog in the video below.

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