Dog Hilariously Stuck in Blanket Waits Until Owners Return Home To Get Free In Viral Video

A dog named Ranger recently got himself wrapped up in a situation that has made him an unwitting viral star. In petcam footage shared on TikTok by Ranger’s owner magenrb, Ranger can be seen sleeping peacefully on the couch with another dog. But when he shifts position he gets accidentally tangled up in a thin blanket and lets out a howl of surprise and hilarity ensues.

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Ranger jumps off the couch covered up in the blanket and tries to unwrap himself. His canine companion is just as alarmed and confused as to what is happening but doesn’t know what to do and decides he doesn’t like Ranger’s transformation and runs away to hide behind the couch.


At a certain point Ranger gives up and “accepts his fate” and just sits on the floor, still draped in the blanket.

Magenrb writes that they walked in on Ranger a few hours later and would “never have known what in the world had happened” to him if they hadn’t watched their surveillance video.

Ranger’s videos instantly went viral and have garnered millions of views from around the world.

Many viewers had mixed emotions watching Ranger’s predicament. “I want to laugh but feel bad at the same time,” wrote one TikTokker.

“Am I they only one with anxiety for the dog? How long did he stay like that?” wrote another.


“That was funny but I’m just glad the dog was able to breathe still,” observed one viewer, thinking of Ranger’s safety.

Another dog lover couldn’t help but sympathize with Ranger’s plight. “The way the dog just gave up and accepted his fate like okay this is my life forever in a blanket.”

Magenrb didn’t leave Internet users hanging and shared a Part 2 showing “Ghost Ranger” could actually get out of the blanket very easily. All he needed was a reason. That reason being mom and dad coming home.

@magenrbPart 2: see he played us! “Look Mom & Dad, I’m a ghost dog” Ghost Ranger

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The blanket falls off of him seconds after they open the door. One viewer commented on how quickly the blanket fell off of Ranger by writing, “the fact that I came off when you got home he probably thinks you magically freed him and he loves you even more now.”

Others agreed. “The fact that he sat there for 3 hours and then once you got home, got so excited he wiggled it off 😭😭😂😂😂”

What we want to know is did Ranger’s predicament phase him in any way? One TikTokker wondered that too and commented, “Poor dog is never sitting on that couch again after this.”

But Magenrb said that wasn’t the case. The cover incident didn’t phase Ranger in the least and he was back lounging on the couch the very next day.


It seems that “Ghost Ranger” is destined to be a one time appearance, never to be heard of or seen again except in the halls of the Internet!

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