Therapy Dog Who Fled Las Vegas Shooting Reunites With Relieved Dad

A tiny therapy dog who ran away in the massacre that killed dozens and injured hundreds in Las Vegas is safe in her owner’s arms. Ryan Needham of California was attending the Route 91 Country Festival in Las Vegas with his French Bulldog, Rou, when shots rang out.

In the ensuing chaos, Rou ran away while Ryan, his fiancee and hundreds of others scrambled for their lives, KSNV reported. Ryan and his family immediately began looking for Rou, refusing to go home without her. But she couldn’t be immediately found.

Worried sick, Ryan slept in his car and asked for help on social media, where the dog’s story went viral. It wasn’t until two nights later that Ryan found Rou in a field next to the venue. He spotted Rou in a field near Mandalay Bay while talking with news reporters from the station.


Hopping the fence, Ryan called for Rou, and the little dog bolted towards him and jumped into his arms. She must have been exhausted because she quickly fell asleep in Ryan’s arms.

Ryan was relieved to have Rou back with him. “There are no words,” he said. “It’s crazy I’m so glad everybody spirits can be lifted by our dog’s story. Maybe it can help a little but I guess… I don’t know. This dog is a symbol of hope she is she’s the new mascot for Vegas.”

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