Dog Excitedly Calls Out To Postal Worker When She Arrives

Amy the postal worker must be very good at her job because this dog really loves her! Mako is a 10-year-old black Labrador Retriever who loves Amy so much that as soon as he hears the truck pull into the driveway, his tail is wagging and he is up and on his feet and heading for the front door in a flash. He’s so excited he doesn’t drop his chew. And not only that, he adorably howls the whole time he’s on his way to see her!

Mako’s family reveals, “Our postal worker’s truck is recognized by Mako (male black lab 10 years old) when she delivers packages to the house. She gives him a treat when she comes to visit.”

Viewers are enchanted by Mako’s reaction. One wrote, “This truly made my day! His love for her is just amazing. He even took a toy with him! That’s love from a pup!”

“It sounds like he’s screaming “AMYYYYYYY, AMYYYYYYY” but with a bone in his mouth,” wrote another person.

“It’s as if he was hollin to say “I’m coming Amy, I’m coming out right now” as he exits the house, and to hear the excitement in him is so sweet and the mail lady was equally excited to see him!! So sweet.”

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