Adorable Chihuahua Mirrors His Owner’s Yoga Poses

Dogs are great observers when it comes to watching what their humans are doing. In fact, scientific studies have shown that dogs pay close attention to almost everything their humans are doing because they are trying to figure out what you are thinking. They do this in order to get you to pay attention to them and get what they want, like this dog, who learned to “say mama” before the baby did to get a snack.

Sometimes, though, dogs just want to do what you are doing so they can spend more time with you. Nic Bello figured this out when he was practicing yoga and discovered that his cute little Chihuahua, Pancho, wanted to join in. The tiny dog is so observant, that he soon mimicked Nic’s yoga moves and now the two do their daily stretches together! Watch and be amazed by their yoga routine!

This “downward dog” pro deserves to be shared with your family and friends!

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