Dog Does The Sweetest Thing To Welcome New Puppy Home

Finn the Golden Retriever got the best early Christmas gift this year when his parents brought home a puppy. Says Finn’s parents:

“We brought home an 8-week-old golden retriever puppy named Gus. Our 11-month-old English Cream golden retriever, Finn, was so very happy to meet his new brother.”

The two dogs wasted no time greeting each other and getting acquainted. And Finn does the most adorable thing to welcome Gus home – he brings over one of his toys for the puppy to play with!

Both dogs sniff and wag their tails happily, and Finn listens to his mom and is gentle around the pup despite being super excited. Mom shared that they originally had planned to surprise Finn with Gus in a box writing, “We originally were going to put Gus in the Chewy box that is outside the dog, but Tim decided that having them meet face to face through the glass door was a better introduction – more real.”

Not only was the introduction more real, but Gus was secure and comforted in Tim’s arms until it was the right time to put him down so he could say “hello” to his big brother.

And it’s clear from the dog’s reactions to each other that they are destined to be best friends!

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