How To Make Your Own Ice Melt From 3 Household Ingredients

The winter cold brings snow and ice and a lot of headaches when it comes to clearing ice patches from driveways, sidewalks and stairs. After the recent snow storms in the eastern States, many stores quickly sold out of ice melt. That’s where this tip to make our own could come in handy. All you need is:

– Half a gallon of lukewarm water
– 6 drops of dish washing soap
– 2 ounces of rubbing alcohol

You can try filling an empty milk container or pitcher with the lukewarm water. Then add six drops of dish washing soap followed by the rubbing alcohol. This mixture is similar to the one suggested to remove ice from your windshield.

In the video below, WYFF’s Geoff Hart and Beth Brotheron try it out firsthand, and it works!

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