How To Make A Beautiful Lantern From Autumn Leaves And An Old Jar

When Autumn arrives and the weather turns, it’s great to have indoors projects that everyone can enjoy.

This wonderful arts & crafts project turns a jar into an autumn lantern. All you need is a marmalade jar, pretty fall leaves, Mod Podge and glue.

YouTuber makoccini walks through the process of how to make this unique lantern in the video below.

Collecting Autumn leaves can be a separate project in itself and one that kids will love to help with.

YouTuber makoccini suggests using a tea light for the light source, commenting on YouTube, “I’ve been using the lantern and I always used a tea light. And everything was fine.

Please Note: Any object that uses candles is a potential fire hazard. Do not leave any object with a flame unattended and exercise caution.

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