Deaf Mother Hears Her Son’s Voice For The Very First Time

A truly remarkable moment between a mother and her son was captured on video. Texas mom Dawn lost her hearing and speech recognition when she was 30 years old and hearing aids were never an option for her. She learned to communicate by reading lips, which she says was exhausting for her.

When doctors told her that she may be a candidate for a cochlear implant, she was hesitant at first. In the video she explains that she was more afraid of what she would hear, than she was of the surgery itself. She says she had never heard her 8-year-old son’s voice other than in her mind.

Her family finally persuaded her to go through with the surgery, and the daytime talk show The Doctors was there when Dawn heard her son’s voice for the very first time. When Dawn’s son stands behind her and asks if she can hear him, the expression that comes over her face says it all. It’s hard not to get teary-eyed watching mother and son sharing such an emotional “I love you”.

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