Irish Dad’s Angry Reaction When His Son Pretends He Failed Driving Test Goes Viral

As a joke, this guy told his very Irish dad that he failed the test to get his driver’s license. Knowing his dad would go “berserk”, he recorded his dad’s reaction on video. What happened next made me laugh so hard!

Warning: These guys are very Irish, which means there is a LOT of swearing (aka NSFW).

For those of you who may not have been able to understand everything that was said, here’s a transcription of the conversation:

Son: I’m after passing my driving test, but I’m letting on to the oul fella that I failed. He’s going to go fucking berserk.
[Gets into car.]
Dad: [Not sure what he says here]
Son: Well, how are you?
Dad: Well, how did it go? Jaysus, I’m a fucking good while waiting.
Son: Fucking, eh, the three-point turn and the fucking hill start.
Dad: What about it?
Son: Like, it was fucking impossible. I dunno, I just, I, for the hill start I rolled…
Dad: Did you fail the fucking thing?
Son: Yeah.
Dad: Ah, for fuck’s sake. Jaysus Christ almighty, for fuck’s sake. And what did it cost?
Son: 85 Euro. But it’s alright, sure, I’ll do it again…
Dad: 85 Euro? For fuck’s sake. Do you think we’re getting these 85 Euros that fucking handy? Once you fail the first fucking time that’s the start of it. Again and again and again. The next you go for that fucking test…What kind of a cunt was he anyway?
Son: It was a woman.
Dad: A fucking bitch of a woman? Why didn’t you sweeten her up some way? Them’s the two things I told you last night, lad. The fucking three-point turn and the hill start. You were looking into the fucking computer. Jaysus Christ.
Son: I know, but sure…
Dad: Fuck’s sake.
Son: Sure, can I do it again in two weeks?
Dad: Yeah, two weeks, again, another 85 Euro for the same fucking yarn. Fuck.
Son: Ah, no, I passed. Ah, you bollocks. Ha ha.
Dad: Jesus Christ.
Son: And I’m recording you.
Dad: Turn off that fuck of a thing.
Son: You’re going on Facebook now.
Dad: Jesus Christ. I thought you fucking failed the bastard.

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