Adorable Baby Panda Sneaks Away From Mom To Go Exploring

Like many youngsters, panda cub Yuan Zai is curious about her surroundings and loves to explore. In this adorable video from Taipei Zoo, Yuan Zai is just learning to walk, but that doesn’t keep her from checking up on what one of the caretakers is up to.

Mom Yuan Yuan is enjoying her breakfast when she decides to find out what her rambunctious baby is up to. It looks like explore time is over and it’s time for a nap! Mom picks up Yuan Zai and lovingly cradles her daughter with a big hug!

Yuan Zai is the first giant panda to be born in Taiwan. Although the panda’s inside enclosure is spare, the pandas’ outside habitat is filled with vegetation and trees, which Yuan Zai is also quick to explore!


Yan Zai at Taipei Zoo. Photo credit: Wikipedia

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