How To Make Pizza In A Crock Pot

Slow cookers can make virtually everything, including pizza! Average Betty’s Sara O’Donnell thought she would give it a try and share how hers turned out! She decides to go with pre-made dough, because after all, why would you be making it in a crockpot if you were going to go through all the effort of making the dough from scratch. She goes for a thinner crust pizza and layers it with sauce, cheese and pepperoni.

She keeps an eye on moisture build up and an hour later she wipes it away from the lid and let’s it cook for another hour. She mentions the cooking time will vary 1.5 to 3 hours depending on your slow cooker and how crispy you want the crust. The pizza look pretty darn good! After seeing how it turns out, I have a feeling this would be a great way to try and cook a deep dish pizza too!

Have you ever made a pizza in a slow cooker before? Share this fun crock-pot recipe with your friends!

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