Coyote Finds Squeaky Toy Woman Accidentally Left Outside And Has Time Of His Life

Redditor Squanchinthepark shared an adorable video of a coyote discovering a squeaky toy that she accidentally left outside. Squanchinthepark shared the clip and observed, “Turns out coyotes love squeaky toys too.”

The video doesn’t have sound because Squanchinthepark didn’t want to startle the coyote by opening a window. “I wanted to film from outside so badly for that very reason [ed. for the squeaks], but was afraid the sound of any door/window opening would scare him/her off.”

Many people were delighted watching the coyote flinging the toy in the air and pouncing on it. But what also caught people’s attention was the garden the coyote was playing in.

One redditor asked, “Are you a 17th century French aristocrat?” No such luck. It appears Squanchinthepark is at a hospital being treated for cancer. She posted 7 months ago that she was recently diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer.

Redditors asked how she was doing and she answered, “Doing great actually! I’m responding really well to my treatment. Cancer treatment has come such a long way in such a short span of time!”

We’re happy to hear Squanchinthepark is doing well. And it’s wonderful she shared the playful antics of the coyote outside of her window.

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