Couple And Their Dogs Rescued From Rooftop During Terrifying Flash Floods

My heart was pounding while watching this rescue footage of a couple and their dogs rescued by helicopter during a flash flood!

The city of Joso, north of Tokyo, Japan, was hit by severe flash flooding on September 10, 2015. 90,000 residents were evacuated but several hundred people were stranded after the raging waters swept through the city with little warning.


Image: YouTube

Helicopter rescue teams were deployed and one couple were filmed on the rooftop of a home, hanging on tight to their Shiba Inus.


Image: YouTube

In the dramatic footage below, the couple is airlifted to safety along with their beloved dogs. Entire homes have been swept away by the floodwaters after the Kinugawa River burst its banks. More than double the monthly rainfall fell in one day in the region!

I’m so relieved to see this family managed to get to safety and was saved in time! Share this heart-stopping rescue with your friends and family.

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