Cop Stops Woman Walking Her Pit Bull And Does Something Completely Unexpected

In less than two weeks into March, the police department in Farmington, New Hampshire, had already issued 30 tickets to unsuspecting citizens, handing them out for…good behavior?

The Farmington Police Department has started issuing gift cards for free pizza and fries to residents who use crosswalks, turn signals and keep their pets on leashes.

The police captain said he got the idea when he saw a man go out of his way to use the crosswalks in the middle of a snow storm.

In the video, one woman walking her Pit Bull wondered what she had done wrong when Police Sgt. Brian Driscoll approached her. But she was more than pleased when the cop thanked her for abiding by the rules and keeping her dog on leash.

It’s contrary to what you might think would happen when getting pulled over by police, but people in the town are welcoming the surprise. I think it’s a great idea and hope more police departments adopt similar programs!

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