Combat Veteran Has Heartwarming Reunion With Military Working Dog He Served With

Since serving in Afghanistan several years ago, USMC Cpl Jared Heine has always wondered what happened to his battle buddy Spike. The two had served in Afghanistan together and Jared was the black Labrador’s first handler. Jared was parted from Spike when he got a traumatic brain injury for which he received a Purple Heart.

Wanting to surprise her son, Jared’s mother, Mary, decided to try and track down Spike. She posted a request on the Military Working Dogs Facebook page for help. “Since his return, there hasn’t been a day that goes by he doesn’t wonder where Spike is and hope to one day bring him home,” wrote Jared’s mom. “He has been going through a lot lately and I really believe that if we could reunite him with Spike, it would make a world of difference in his life.”

It turns out Spike has been serving as a K9 for the Capitol Police in Washington, D.C. with his new partner, Officer Laura Taylor. She too had grown attached to the dog and thought the two would grow old together. When news came back to Jared that Spike had been found, a meeting between the three was arranged. During the reunion, Laura saw Jared and Spike together she knew what she had to do.

This love triangle will tug at your heart strings!

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