Frightened Dog Thrown Into Marsh Saved By Colombian Police Officer

A frightened dog was rescued by a police officer after officers on patrol heard the dog’s panicked barking. They found her trapped in a marshy wetland located in the Suba Rincón district in Bogota, Colombia.

The dog’s hind legs appeared to have been tied with string before she was thrown into the water to drown. But the police officers weren’t going to let that happen. One officer stripped down to his underwear and jumped into the cold waters, while his fellow officers helped guide him to the dog.

The two struggled to reach each other in the heavy algae and vegetation but the officer was eventually able to grab hold of the dog. Using a tire as a makeshift floating device and a rough rope, the officers managed to hoist the dog to safety.

The dog had signs of hypothermia but was tended to by the police and later posed happily for a photograph with her rescuer!

The dog’s rescue was caught on video by the police and can be seen below.

The best part of this story? The officer went on to adopt this sweet girl and now she is a spoiled member of his family. Her name is Juana!

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