Cockatoos Are Super Excited To See Each Other For Play Date

Two Moluccan Cockatoos meeting for a play date were so excited to see each other they sang, they danced and they delighted onlookers.

Max the Moluccan met up with Q, a younger female Moluccan at a pet store in Bragg Creek, Alberta, to pick up snacks and have a visit. Max is quiet at first, but when Q starts to enthusiastically cheer, he does too and soon the pair are expressing just how happy they are to see each other!

The party continued outside in the parking lot and Max and Q carry on like a pair of chatty teenagers relating their adventurous day.

Max the Moluccan “Cluckatoo” is well known for making a distinctive chicken like Bok Bok noise (see video below). The 25-year-old bird was rescued when he was ten years old from a bad situation. “In his original home he was living in a basement, and had a lot of behavioral challenges – screaming non-stop and biting to the point that he couldn’t be handled safely. He has come a long way since then, and is now very friendly and social,” his new family says.

Part of his recovery is no doubt in part due to the fact he is no longer stuck in a basement and he has feathered friends like Q who he meets up with and other flock members at home including “Tycho (A 23 year old African Grey who believes cameras are parrot eating monsters), Tikal (A 44 year old Amazon who enjoys saying hello), and his owner (a featherless biped who doesn’t listen).”

Moluccan Cockatoos are also known as a Salmon-crested Cockatoos and can live 60 to 80 years. They are peach colored with a salmon-colored crest. Caring for parrots is a not a responsibility to take on lightly as they have long lives and can outlive their owners. They also require a lot of attention, nutrition and care to stay healthy and happy.

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