Cockatoo With Rough Past Befriends Man Who Didn’t Like Birds Until He Met Her

A Cockatoo who had a rough life is having the best time now thanks to her rescuers. FeFe had likely been confined to a cage that was too small for her and she plucked her feathers out for years. She did it for so long that her feathers likely won’t grow back.

But then she met Eve, who volunteers at Parrot Outreach Society, a non-profit that rescues parrots like FeFe. Eve fell in love with FeFe and her strong but loving personality and brought her home.

It didn’t take long for FeFe to pick Eve’s husband Charlie as her new best friend. Charlie said he didn’t even like birds that much when FeFe arrived, but when you see how he interacts with FeFe in the video below you’ll find that hard to believe.

The pair share lots of activities together. From checking their “scratch and win” lottery tickets together to cuddling on the couch, FeFe likes to stick close to Charlie and see what he’s doing. That also means she often “helps” him in the kitchen, helps him play puzzles, and gets spoiled with lots of treats!

Truly, FeFe is thriving with her new family, wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s a short clip of FeFe’s night-time dance routine.


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And FeFe always enjoys a snack before bedtime.


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