How To Clean Your Mattress And Why You Should Do It

Let’s face it. Many of us rarely think about washing our mattress. But maintaining a clean mattress is probably something we should think about, given the dirt and debris that can accumulate on it. Not only can odors from people and pets permeate a mattress, but over time it also collects dust, dust mites, hair and dead skin cells and body moisture.

As Melissa Maker of Clean My Space describes in the video below, an average person perspires up to half a pint every night. That’s a lot of moisture!

With all the debris, dirt and stains that can accumulate on a mattress, it probably could use a good clean.

Melissa shows some tricks she’s learned to help clean a mattress in a jiffy and one of the main cleaning agents you’ll use, you probably have in the house already – baking soda.

Melissa also provides tips for removing stains of all sorts and a few tips for prolonging the life of your mattress (hint: a mattress cover is a must).

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