Christmas Trees Hilariously Argue Over Their Light Show

Who knew that one of the funniest comedic moments of 2020 would come from a pair of Christmas trees arguing about their light show.

Brielle Faith was checking out the Christmas light displays in her neighborhood when one home caught her attention. “So the other night I was driving through my neighborhood and then saw some trees arguing,” she wrote on TikTok, capturing video of the light trees’ funny exchange.

Apparently, Christmas trees have a hard time counting, which is a problem when you are trying to synchronize your lights to music.

The trees banter continues…

They put on a fantastic show when they get it together. As Brielle writes, “Magic happens when the trees get along.”

And it appears the two “trees” resolve things by the end…or do they?

The unusual comedic duo are winning fans all over the globe. “It isn’t yet December and this house already won Christmas decoration contest,” wrote one viewer. “This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in a while. Kudos to this magnificent display of holiday awesomeness,” wrote another. One thing is for sure, as soon as people discover where this house is, these trees are going to have even brighter stars!

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