Woman Transforms Her Parent’s Home Into Terrifying Monster House For Halloween

After artist Christine McConnell’s parents invited her to decorate their home for Halloween, she grabbed her supplies and transformed their home into an incredibly spooky Monster House! The end result is guaranteed to make trick-or-treaters clutch each other’s hands before approaching the front door very, very cautiously!

Christine McConnell shared her creative DIY Halloween project with Reshareworthy.com and we think you’ll be impressed by what she designed!

Christine had a great concept for decorating her parent’s home for Halloween.


First, she cut out foam-core boards into the shapes she wanted.


She cut them into the shapes for eyes and teeth.


Next, she began painting the foam, making sure to make the shapes looking menacing.


The eyes have slit pupils like those of scary lizards…


And the teeth have blood-red gums.


When everything was dry, it was time to put them up.


For the final touches, she decorated the yard with cobwebs and pumpkins and put large black spiders in the windows.


This very spooky Monster House is sure to be the talk of the town and the stuff of little children’s nightmares!


Photos published on Reshareworthy.com with permission from Christine McConnell.

You can see more of Christine’s work on Instagram. Christine is also a stylist and avid baker. Her book Deceptive Desserts: A Lady’s Guide to Baking Bad! is available for pre-order.

What do you think? Would you be brave enough to approach Christine’s Monster House? Share her DIY Halloween home with your family and friends!

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