Emotions Run High For Man Who Sings About His Deceased Brother On ‘X Factor’ Audition

When nineteen-year-old Christian Furrows steps on to the stage of The X Factor, he tells the judges that he aspires to be a singer like Ed Sheeran. Simon Cowell reminds the young man that Sheeran also writes his own music, to which Christian nods and says he writes his own music too. He says he has written a song about his brother, who passed away when he was younger.

Simon asks if he’d like to sing it, and Furrows seems to hesitate before answering that he thinks he’s ready to. Soon, his beautiful lyrics and honest, raw performance has all the judges in tears. He even chokes up Simon who calls him brave for singing his own work, adding “You’ve got a real talent, and I like you.”

Watch Christian’s emotional performance below and share it with your friends.

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