Traveler’s Vow To Save Sick Dog She Meets On Streets Of Peru Leads To Miraculous Rescue

When Ursula Vari traveled to Peru she was looking for a sense of purpose. She had no way of knowing that a chance encounter with a stray dog would affect her profoundly.

Ursula writes, “I went to Peru to find my purpose through a spirit quest. Little did I know that my purpose would find me on the hot and humid streets of Iquitos. When Charlie approached me, I was overcome by many things: sadness, anger hopelessness but when he nuzzled my hand he infused me with a sense of purpose and a mission to help him and many other street dogs and cats around the world find hope and a loving home.”

Charlie was on his last legs, his body was ravished by parasites and he starving. Ursula met Charlie on her last day in Peru, but she vowed to help him when she returned to Los Angeles. She reached out to a local rescue group called Amazon Cares and sent them a photo of Charlie asking them to help him and she would fund his care.

The group found him and brought him back to their shelter where he was diagnosed with dermatitis, mites, bacterial dermatitis, mange, severe acute malnutrition. He needed immediate care if he was going to survive. But survive he did! And nearly four months after arranging for Charlie’s rescue, Ursula flew back to Peru to bring Charlie home!

Watch his incredible transformation and the wonderful reunion with his savior!

The video below is of Ursula’s reunion with Charlie at the Amazon Cares shelter, four months after he was rescued. It just goes to show, a little love goes a long way!

Charlie’s now loving life in L.A. with Ursula and his girlfriend (Ursula’s other rescue), Gelsemina.

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