Tethered Dog Living In Mud Finally Experiencing Freedom Away From A Chain

“No Animal should live this way…” That was the reaction that animal welfare officers from Galway SPCA in Ireland had when they found Lambert. They went to check on the collie after receiving an email from a person who was concerned about the dog’s living conditions. The Good Samaritan had every right to be concerned!

Lambert was chained to some old metal in the middle of a giant mud puddle. Dirty and wet, the collie was forced to live in the mud with only a dirty barrel for shelter.


Photo credit: Galway SPCA

His fur was badly matted and filthy. But he was friendly and let his rescuers approach him.


Photo credit: Galway SPCA

They acted swiftly after seeing the condition he was in. “Lambert was taken away from this ‘so called home” by our Officers and brought to our Sanctuary,” Galway SPCA wrote on Facebook.


Photo credit: Galway SPCA

Once back at their sanctuary they washed and cleaned him up. “We made him up a dry, warm bed in one of our outdoor runs, away from the main kennel block, so he could settle in quietly and re adjust to ‘life off a chain’,” they wrote. “He looks and acts like an old dog when in actual fact, we believe him to be maybe only 2/3 years old…”


Photo credit: Galway SPCA

Lambert is now learning about “freedom away from a chain” the group said. “He is now slowly learning to be handled and walked on a lead…He is happy to Potter around his enclosure and lie in the sun and who could blame him when we see his former life.”


Photo credit: Galway SPCA

“There is NO excuse in our eyes for ANY animal to have to live like this. No matter your age,culture or financial status, you would know this is WRONG….” Galway SPCA wrote about the conditions in which they found Lambert.

“Lambert, thankfully is now safe…he will in time find himself a home with our help…He will NEVER again be chained up…NEVER again have to lie in dirt and muck or a cold barrel…he will NEVER again be ‘just a dog’. And the only reason Lambert is now safe is because Somebody gave him a voice. They didn’t turn the other cheek and ignore what was so obviously wrong. They made sure Lambert was seen by people they knew could help him and give him a better life.”

Thanks to Lambert’s guardian angel, the dog now has a chance at a happy life. I’m so glad the individual wasn’t afraid to stand up and speak for him.

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