Cat Miraculously Survives California Wildfires And Purrs For His Rescuers’ Attention

With hundreds of homes up in flames and thousands of people evacuated, California has declared a state of emergency as wildfires rage through parts of the state. Families and their pets have been displaced. Some animals have lost their lives. But this black cat miraculously survived.

Firefighters battling the Valley Fire found the cat in one of the hardest hit areas (he was found at a driveway 19594 Hwy 175 near Middletown). They rushed him to Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic in Lakeport.

The poor cat’s face was burned and all his fur was singed. The vets inserted a stomach tube in order to feed him and set to work treating his burns.


Photo credit: Facebook / Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic

As bad as his eyes looked when he came in, the veterinarians are optimistic that his eyes will be okay. Despite the pain he was no doubt in, he is extremely friendly. “He actually purrs with our attention,” the staff wrote on Facebook.


Photo credit: Facebook / Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic

Nicknamed “Mr. Burns”, the vet clinic says the cat is doing great a few days after he came in.


Photo credit: Facebook / Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic

With Mr. Burns comfortably resting in his new bed, the vets could turn their attention to their newest feline fire victim. “We now have a less than 1 yr old female unspayed cat burn victim found at the corner of Greenway Ct. in Cobb.” She was very hungry and “ate like a pig” and has burned feet but will be fine.


Photo credit: Facebook / Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic

As for reuniting “Mr. Burns” with his family, Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic is confident “Mr. Burns’ is someone’s cat and hope his family recognize his picture and contact them.

Mr. Burns is just one of hundreds of animals injured and now homeless as result of the California wildfires. Animal rescue groups, city animal control and humane societies from affected areas are working together to coordinate and help rescue and house the animals displaced by the fires.

Petaluma Animal Services, Sonoma Humane Society, Wine Country Animal Lovers, Compassion Without Borders, Sonoma County Animal Services and the Jameson Rescue Ranch are all posting regular updates to Facebook. They are listing found animals, what supplies they currently need, and how to help them aid pets affected by the fire.

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