Cat Loves Being Adored By His Family’s Chickens

Scruffles the cat is something of a chick magnet, and by that I mean the chickens line up to see him. Yes, Scruffles is very popular with the pet chickens at his house, who love nothing more than watching him lounge indoors.

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And Scruffles is obliges them.

Scruffles will nap in front of the screen door, which puts him on full display of the chickens in the backyard.

They make their way over and stare at him.

They find him fascinating. Like most cats he lounges around a lot, which is fine by the chickens.

He also hangs out the the chickens in the home…

…and the backyard.

He also hangs out with his fellow kitties, just in case you think he might be a bit “bird crazy”.

But really, he loves his feathered-fans, young and old.

He seems to enjoy the attention and is equally fascinated by them.

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