Cat In War-Torn Country Brings Orphaned Puppy To Safety

A cat living in a war-ravaged country is extending compassion to a puppy in need of a mother. In the heartwarming clip, the cat carries the large puppy in her mouth, making sure he is okay.

She places him down, tired from her efforts, but making sure she’s standing over him so he can’t wander off.

Some people who have watched the video have commented that the cat looks pregnant, and that is probably why she is caring for the pup. But perhaps the cat is simply paying it forward, being a rescued animal herself.

The person who posted the clip says the cat is one of animals rescued by The Cat Man in war torn Syria.

Ambulance driver and paramedic Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel is known as the Cat Man of Aleppo. He earned the name for taking care of the cats left behind in the war torn country. He is taking care of hundreds of cats in the city despite the fact that his original sanctuary was bombed. But he chose to rebuild and continue his rescue efforts.

He also extends help to children in the bombed out city, offering them a safe space. What an amazing, heroic man. It seems he’s inspiring the animals in his care to do the same.

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